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Need help and some advice plz! are the drivers or ram or.. processor or what?!?! plz


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I need help and some advice with this 3 errors, 3 blue screens,

note: - change ram --> 2x512mb cl5 667mhz (transcended) to 2x1gb cl4 667 mhz (g. skill)

- change drivers --> 84.15 officials to first 156.57 second 94.23 from laptopvideo2go (i dnt remember blue screens with original drivers, 84.15 from arima)

- i test my ram memory with memtest86: it does not recognize the processor, it does not recognize the ram, results --> in test 3 it detects one error

- I test my ram memory with memtest86+: recognize the processor and ram memory --> not errors detected

- I test my ram memory with windows memory diagnostic: not errors detected

I have analized the three errors and here u are the results

its the memory or drivers or something?

I hope u can help me

thx :)



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Sorry, I dont understand well english.. this is the chronologies:

1- change ram

2 - change drivers to 15x.. dont remember--> 1st crach

3 - change drivers to 156.57 --> 2nd crash

4 - change drivers to 94.23 --> 3rd crash

note: 3 laptovideo2go drivers that i install have threaded optimizatino in performance 3d in control panel, my old driver dnt have this option

thx, and sorry my english

edit: these three crashes have been consecutives and in the last 4 days more or less

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Now i think that is possible the error its for the ram, when the 3rd error happened i install my old driver and i got an error too.. but duno

4th error:

:S :)


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Yea I did it, I analize with memtest86 and I didnt get any error and I didnt get any blue screen too :) . I wrote an email to..? the shop where I bought the ram, I hope..? all will be well, and my problem will die hehe.

thanks smax :P ,

..?goodbye, cya in forum :)

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