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T61P with Quadro FX570M: terrible colors, blurry resolution


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All: please see my problem with detailed screen shots at http://forum.notebookreview.com/showthread.php?t=173721.


Problem #1: colors are washed out to the point it's almost black & white. I took a picture of my nearly 4 year old Dell 600m and the T61P at max brightness. Ironically the Nvidia panel has the color vibrance disabled. It's been like this from initial bloated image to clean install with freshest driver from Lenovo.com. See the attachment. The vibrance and resolution of my Dell has always been on par with every other notebook I've ever used. I've never seen something as bad as this T61P.

Problem #2: graininess and slightly blurry resolution. While it's not too bad it is definitely strenuous to the eyes when doing this like Outlook email and reading small fonts. The characters bleed lightly. This unfortunately happens both on the laptop monitor and my external 22 inch LCD, both over VGA and DVI. I bought this model for the graphics, goodness! In comparison my Dell displays perfectly on my external monitor over VGA. Go figure.

Have you guys seen this? Based on lookup this a LG screen, so it should be good, yet isn't at all. The rest of the computer is great, good performance, solid build. But I can't live with these display issues and am wondering if a replacement will fix the problem?? You can also see the Nvidia panel with vibrance and sharpness disabled. Any idea before I return the system?



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