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Does not load desktop color settings on reboot


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I have a laptop, with GeForce 8600M GT on Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit

I use the latest drivers from nvidia: 163.69

(Got it from this site for laptops)

Well, I changed the brightness, contrast etc. settings (desktop color settings)

But after each reboot, the settings are not loaded.

When going to the nvidia control panel, it does remember the settings, but they are not activated until I select one of the bars.

What is wrong? Shouldn't this be fixed in previousely relases?

Why doesn't it load my desktop color settings?

Any solutions?

Is this only a problem on laptops?

Anyone got this problem too?

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i got the exact same problem, with my laptop geforce go 7600.....

it's anoying, i'm almost uninstalling these drivers....

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I have to use them, because with earlier drivers, I get the "Driver stopped responding" problem.

Well, I made a little program that automaticly open the control panel and load the settings on every boot, but a very bad solution.

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Dell replaced my graphic card, and since then, I haven't had any problems yet.

Of course there is no guarantee already, but it seems that the problem was there because of defect hardware.

I am talking about the "display driver stopped responding" error in the post above.

Which means I don't need the modded drivers anymore.

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what a extreme solution....

i think this is not a hardware problem, since other people experiences same problems.....

this is for sure a software driver problem

i've uninstalled these drivers, but my original drivers doesn't have digital vibrance (color settings) option...

nvidia control panel is much more incomplete using original drivers

and in this forum seems that no-one is here to help....

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It is not the settings not saved on reboot that it solved,

but the "display driver stopped responding" problem.

Yes this is a driver problem in many cases. But explain why the problem is not there after replacing the GFX.

I would not think that it solved the problem, but it seems that it does.

It could be bad ram sector.

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