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Drivers, card or Vista?


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Hi people,

First post, sorry if it is a long and (possibly) stupid question.

My new laptop is a M1710 with Geforce Go 7950 gtx card, running Vista Home Premium.

I'm still running Dell's initial driver. Has functioned ok in all games I have tried so far (admittedly nothing particularly new or taxing).

Here's the problem:

TV-OUT - I watch a lot of divx stuff on my laptop hooked up to my Sony widescreen tv via S-Video. I've been doing this for years with my old laptop on XP Pro.

Now, however, I see that the video doesn't autosize to the tv like in XP. Some digging on NVidia's website suggests this is an unfixable issue in Vista. Anyway, I can simply click on the video to get it fullscreen on my tv.

But...the picture quality is really bad! Seems to have blocking or dropouts or something (and the colour is off too!). I checked the same files on my old lappie and they are fine. I considered bad codecs, but uninstalling divx and using VLC player still has the same problem

Would a driver change sort this for me? One of the main reasons for having the laptop is watching stuff. Would formatting and going back to XP be the easiest?

Cheers for reading.

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