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Blank Screen when installing drivers


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I have the Sager NP5960 with Nvidia GO 7950GTX x2 running on XP

So I have a problem where when I install the 160 drivers, it installs, the screen flickers a few times, and after a few times, it stays black and nothing shows up. I don't even see the restart your computer now or later prompt. So I have to restart my computer with the power button. Then when Windows boots up, I get the blank screen again. Then I gota uninstall it in safe mode.

Now the thing is, I've actually gotten past this problem once. I installed the 163.44 drivers before, it also had the blank screen so I thought plugging in an external monitor would help so I plugged that in and then the thing is that once I restarted, I could see on both my laptop screen and my external one. Not just the external so I'm guessing that wasn't the solution.

So I was using the 163.44 drivers for a while and wanted to try the 163.71 and I tried that, got the blank screen, tried external monitor, no good. Then I went back to 163.44, but then now, I can't get this working anymore either, external monitor also is blank.

So basically, there is a way to get the drivers working without that blank screen, but I just can't figure it out. I have also tried the Fn+F7 to change the outputs or whatever but that does no good either. I've searched the forums but I only found people have trouble with blank screens after stand by/hibernate.

Any solutions to this problem?

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No solution here, but I can sympathize. I have the exact same results when trying to install the 160 series drivers. It doesn't matter whether I try to upgrade or do a clean install - it behaves exactly as you describe.

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Well if it worked once for me, there has to be a way. I'll try to figure it out and post the solution if I find one.

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Yeah, I got the solution.

I just plugged in my bro's 22" asus monitor and things showed up on his monitor. Then I went into my display settings and fiddled and got things to show up on my screen.

Now I have the 163.71 drivers installed.

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