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Overclocking nVidia 8400M G


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Oh, and by the way: it is possible to play GTA IV on a 8400M G even with just 128 MB.

It ain't easy though... u need to mod your 8400M to an 8500GT (or equivalent) using Device-ID-Tweak in Riva Tuner. (That makes GTA think u got a better card and it wont refuse to start) Then u integrate a file called "commandline.txt" in the GTA-folder to force GTA to use twice as much video-memory as u actually have (via turbocache) and if the game still runs to slow u may also force a lower resolution. The commandos needed in the commandline.txt are as follows:




-availablevidmem 1.8

-percentvidmem 90


-width 720

-highth 480


U may set availablevidmem to 2 (or greater) but as I only got 2GB Ram, this would then take away too much of the RAM, as GTA requires just the 2 GB.

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Guest Alexandar

helo, i have just one question...

i want to oc my 8400m GS, and i read all about overclocking this card, but i have problem,

i using win 7, and have 195.62 drivers but i can't oc card, so i download new driver ( 195.81 ) and mooded...


When i instal this driver, pc are doing just fine until start desktop, then i have blac screen, WHAY IS THET HAPPENING?

Thank you for asking....

sorry about my english.....

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Hi everybody i want to share my victory in overclocking 8400m g i get core clock 640mhz shader clock 1280mhz and memory 568mhz temperature 69c idle when playing game 78c

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