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nHancer v2.3.1 is out - NVIDIA Game Profile Enhancement Tool


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Today Martin has released another stable build of his high quality tool nHancer for gamers and NVIDIA enthusiasts. Don't be confused with the name as LaptopVideo2Go also offers a tool called Enhancer which is unique, too, but a website-driven automatic INF creator to fix a dozen of well-known problems for laptop users with built-in NVIDIA GPU. This includes the infamous TOSHiBA BlackBar phenomena, which got solved by us already about 2 years ago and helped countless GeForce 4 Go 4xx owners.

For those new to modding and to get a clue what the NVIDIA Game Profile Enhancement tool "nHancer" is about, here's a short introduction:

nVidia's own control panel is not always very intuitive to use. Especially the 3D rendering settings are very cryptic and difficult to navigate. Even the new control panel introduced with the 9x.xx line of Forceware drivers isn't a real improvements for these problems.

nHancer is a tool to improve the usage of these features. Both normal and advanced users should find nHancer to be a big step forward.

Additionally, nVidia drivers include a unique feature, that allows them to define profiles for every game, which control various image quality, compatibility and optimization aspects. But in the standard control panel, this feature is even more cryptic to use, so most people never bothered about it.

The new version will work now with the latest Forceware 163.xx and has the following changes:

  • Compatibility with Forceware 163+ added
  • Ability to configure DirectX 10 SLI compatibility
  • Profiles customized by the user are shown in a different color and the list can be filtered to show customized profiles only
  • Added several Anti-Aliasing modes for GeForce 8x00 cards
  • Added a couple of compatibility options
  • Replaced install routine (the original one could cause problems on some systems)
  • If nHancer is started a second time, the first instance will be brought to front instead.
  • Some Bugfixes.

See Readme file for the detailed Changelog/ReleaseNotes.

This release is pretty important as NVIDIA introduced a new profile handling with Forceware 163.xx:

nVidia changed the way profiles are handled in version 163.x of their Forceware drivers

The driver reads some setting from the profile file (nvapps.xml) directly instead of reading them from the registry. Additionally, nVidia added a checksum to the profile file. The checksum protects all “predefined” settings, i.e. all settings that are included in the driver installation. The consequence is, that it’s no longer possible to modify any of the predefined options.

This isn’t a big issue, since almost all of those settings are for compatibility only and shouldn’t be changed anyway. But there are many people out there who like to experiment, especially with the SLI compatibility flags. There is a work-around that will allow to change any of those settings, including the SLI flags. The original profile has to be disabled. A completely new profile will then take over for the game in question.

The “Duplicate” button has been changed to provide that functionality automatically. The user has the option to create a duplicate profile while the original profile is disabled automatically.

Many changes have been made to nHancer to make sure that it works correctly with the new profile handling. It affects many areas of the tool, like the “Import” function or the “Delete Profile” function. nHancer will notify you if your action would affect any predefined setting instead of changing them.

Important: Please uninstall any version prior to 2.3 before installing this version!

The latest build is always available @ www.nHancer.com.

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Crashes when I tried to use it with some weird Minimum - Maximum vale must be set. Value 6 is not a value.

Again another utility I can't use.

nvhardpage - works but settings are confusing

RivaTuner - no tweaks on Vista available

nHancer - crashes when started

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pls. report that to Martin as there might be an solution.

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