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Latest Atheros modded Driver for Windows 7, Vista and WinXP


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Could someone please repost the modded XP drivers, all the links to them seem to be dead.

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Gone from our server long time ago - but archive.org has them; at least this is the latest:


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Links are working for me.

Try pressing CTRL+F5 to refresh the page, this may help

Only the NV drivers got eaten up in the big crash, other non drivers are fine as were kept separate.

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OK, all the files on first page seem to be offline here as well..

Here is my problem: the drivers (standard, non-modded) that work for me are ATHW.SYS, but then when I find any version of the modded driver it only contains ATHR.SYS or ATHR.INF (opposed to ATHW.INF). Why is this? - Win XP here

The strangest thing is that I used Win7 for many years and the modded driver that I had uses athR, and it worked just fine.

I can't "update driver" because it doesn't start the adapter, and I can't do a fresh install either because the adapter won't work. Where could I find a modded driver which is based on athW and not athR? Why I'm having this difference in XP from 7? Am I missing something? Would appreciate if you could reupload the drivers to a Google Drive folder, or Mega.nz folder.


Confirmed, links offline... If you want, just reupload these versions here and I will reupload them to other hosting sites and post the links here. You can send me through email if you don't wanna much hassle, I sent you through private message. The Atheros page is gone forever and your forum page is our only source for these precious files, let's not play catch here ok?

v7.7.0.259 with modded INF v1.26 for both WinXP x86 and x64

v7.6.1.184 with modded INF v1.23 for both WinXP x86 and x64

v7.6.1.170 with modded INF v1.21 for both WinXP x86 and x64

A thing that I find weird is that I downloaded multiple versions of the modded INF, but all of them contain only the ath(R).sys (and I need ath(W).sys). I tried replacing text inside the INF and could install the driver, but then no connectivity at all, even though it appeared just fine under Device Manager. I just need the manual antenna selection, that's all :( :( :( AR5007EG here (device 001C)

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Only driver remaining with modded INF is, alas all others got wiped in the big server disaster of a couple of years back

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On 10/4/2007 at 12:35 PM, mobilenvidia said:

DO NOT adjust pcieaspm setting to either 1 or 3 !! this could possibly cause the error to happen again (not the actual fix but part of it)

what you mean?

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12 hours ago, tarbindmitry said:

what you mean?

After 14 years I can't remember the reason but surely it was a good warning to heed to

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what you think, bro, is this your instruction works? (after 14 years xo-xo-xo) 

can you re-maintain  this driver (for W7/64) with yours brand new ( more 14 years) knowledge's 🙂



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I've not looked back at Win7 since I've been a BETA tester since the Longhorn days and usually a version of Windows ahead
Been an avid Intel WLAN fanboy for many years
I can't be of any help sorry as I seem to have forgotten a lot over the years

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