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7900GS SLI Mode Drivers

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I am having problems with my Alienware 9700 running nvidia 7900GSs in SLI mode. As most of you are likely aware, there are severe issues with Alienware's laptops running video cards in SLI mode. My current driver for the 7900GS was released on 1 Jan 07 in a non SLI configuration mode. That's almost 10 months old. I have contacted Alienware several times, and have gotten no where with their "support".

After browsing their support forums, a poster was talking about this site and the drivers that it offered. Although not entirely stupid, I don't have the technical savy that most here do. Can someone please tell me the best driver for my system from this site? And instructions on how to download and install it?


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ATI ---> Nvidia SLI

The only driver thats working on my Sli system is the 94.23. from Alienware. Its dated 03.2007. There is is no Sli support in newer drivers i have tested so far. And i nearly tested them all.... :)

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I have gotten SLI to work with my Aurora m9700 with the 7800 GS cards using 84.63 drivers (fairly dated drivers). It seems to work fine with most games but I'm having D3D errors when I try to run hellgate: london

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Hi there, are you guys talking about Vista drivers or XP? I am after XP drivers where Sli works, know any? specs below...

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