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Strange problem with Geforce go 6200


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I've been reading of lot of interesting things on this board and i want to than you all, there is a huge amount of information here ! Unfortunately i did not find the solution to my issue, so here it is.

I'm trying to repair a laptop :

# Sony VGN-FS215S

# Graphics Card: GeForce Go 6200 (DEV_ID: 0167)

# Current working Driver Version : N/A

# Last Usable Driver Version : N/A

# Windows XP PRO SP2 (en)

To make it short, the computer is working fine as long as a 3d application is running. I'm using "GPU caps viewer" with it's small 3D donuts, the computer will reboot within 10 seconds as soon as i disable the 3D view. I used RMClock the prevent CPU to go into "eco mode" so I'm sure it's the GPU's fault.

I had the laptop with erased HDD, so i ghosted a working clean WinXP and installed all Sony's drivers. Then i upgraded to 84.25 because it was said that is did not support power modes but it was the same. I finally upgraded to ForceWare 163.74 but again i was rebooting when no 3d app run. I disabled "powermizer" but still the same.

"Automatic reboot on BSOD" is disabled too. Booting in safe mode won't reboot.

For info, it's rebooting on linux livecds, Unbuntu and Knoppix.

I have lastest bios from sony, there is a beta bios but when i try to install it, it's teling me that i'm not allowed. Anyway it's only solving an issue with GPRS cards. AFAIK it's not possible to update Geforce's bios, right ?

Any help is welcome !


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I managed to disable turboCache but it's still the same ...

I think it's something with 2D/3D modes maybe like cpu's voltage lowered when not used. Nibitor is able to dump the bios but won't give info about voltages...

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