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Inspiron 8200, Quadro4 and IBM SXGA display trouble.


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Hi everyone,

Like most folks with the Quadro4 700 GoGL card I have run into troubles. I bought it on Sunday, received it Yesterday, and spent most of the evening well into this morning (went to bed at 10am) trying every option I could think of to make the card work. I have one of the troublesome SXGA displays - the IBM2193 display which seems very rare for this laptop. Thus far I have tried the various options:

162.xx with several modified INFs

82.10 with John's INFs, Pieter's INFs and a handful of custom configured INFs

47.xx with included INFs and custom INFs

52.xx with included INFs and custom INFs

88.84 with John's INFs and custom INFs

Several 9x.xx series drivers with several various INFs

67.xx with several various INFs

Several 7x.xx series drivers with several various INFs

etc. etc. etc.

I have probably tried a driver in nearly every series revision with as many as three or four various INFs per driver.

I have rebooted my machine more times than I have ever, ever wanted to and am just about tired of this card and display enough to give up. I am considering flashing my motherboard BIOS to the latest C840/M50 A13 but I would like to find out if anyone thinks that would do any good. I assume that this card/display incompatibility is due to misreported EDID, or perhaps it needs to truly be a re-written driver for it to work, but here are my observations:

All drivers, with the exception of 52.xx, cause screen stretching. Most of the time they don't recognize 1400x1050 as a valid resolution, and when they do, the screen has a large black bar on the top and the left of the screen. When it is in 1600x1200 it stretches very far off screen. The 52.xx series doesn't screen stretch but it doesn't recognize 1400x1050 as a valid resolution - PERIOD. I have tried forcing the EDID, using the Intwhatever DWORD value, have tried forcing the resolution in the install, tried forcing it with RivaTuner, and it absolutely, positively will not show up. The nVidia Control Panel accurately recognizes that the maximum resolution supported is 1400x1050 but it DOESN'T GIVE ME THE OPTION TO USE IT - WTF?

So, here we are.

Do I install the newest BIOS revision for the motherboard?

Do I install the newest - if there is any - BIOS for the video card?

Are there any tweaks that I could possibly try regarding the INFs/drivers?

Why does the control panel recognize the resolution but refuse to allow me to use it?

Are there any solutions to the stretching that I haven't tried? Is the EDID not the true problem - am I SOL?

One user reported a Dell driver working perfectly. He said it was a 6x.xx revision driver but not which one. Does anyone know which one this was? Do I need the updated bios for it to function?

If I do not find a solution I will be forced to sell the card. I got a good deal on it and should I not be able to find a good, working solution I'll pass the deal onto someone else. I would prefer to find a solution, though! :)

If there is anymore information - such as a NERD report or the likes - I can offer up I would be happy to. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you,


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I solved this exact problem once, but my laptop's harddrive just crashed and now I'm reinstalling all my drivers and I'm in the same boat you are in. The good news is that this is possible, because I did it. If I remember right, there was a sticky post about a year ago which had a display fix, but I'm having problems finding it.

I'll post back here if I can find it.

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Teraphy is the EDID god. He might have more insight. But i doubt he will ever see this thread, so in this exceptional case i would try to contact him directly.

P.S. as far as i can remember there was never an IBM LCD thread. Though we have an "SEC 1600 only shows 1400" thread FAQ'd: http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index.php?showtopic=6686

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I am sure that the amongst the experts of the forum, they can get you up and running. I am trying to build up a super 8200 and would like to try to install a quadro4 700 card. I have seen many screen types, and my Main 8200 has a made by Sharp LQ150U1LW22 Dell P/N 9H753. The bios info says that it is a Ultra Sharp and I do remember paying extra $$$ to Dell for it. I assume that this was the best screen offered for the Inspiron 8200. These screens have been on Ebay lately for under $200 which may be worth thinking about. It looks like the second best screen is a Dell P/N 3K552 UXGA Ultra Extended Graphics Array, but it is a IBM. The third screen and most common screen seems to be a Dell P/N 4K418 UXGA Standard Panel Toshiba.

Also on the other screens are a Dell P/N 3J076 SXGA+SPWG Samsung, Also a Dell P/N 1K855 UXGA Standard Panel made by Sharp. I would only guess that these are only a few different makes of the Dell 15" screens used.

I can't wait to see what the best driver/ bios/ screen/ and what ever else will come up to solve this problem.

Good luck from 8200aholic

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Okay, I've repieced together what worked on my laptop. Hopefully it'll work for you too.

Get driver 77.79. For some reason it needs to be this driver (maybe some others will work too?). Most other drivers I tried this with didn't work. Download and replace the default .inf file with Pieter's (also available from that same link).

Open up the new inf, and search for "HKR,, Override". You should see a line that's commented out, and one above it talking about i8200s and SXGA+. Uncomment the "HKR,, Override..." line by removing the semicolon.

Make sure NO OTHER nvidia drivers are presently installed. Uninstall any other previous abortive attempt to get things working. You need to install this driver on a virgin desktop. Once you've done this, install the driver with setup.exe. If it asks you about overwriting any newer files, say yes.

When you finish the install and reboot, you should have working drivers without any stretching or black bar issues.

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