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2 to 4 Gb RAM upgrade?


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i own an Acer aspire 5920G with 2 Gigs of RAM. It is supposed to be upgradable to 4 Gigs.

I contacted by phone the German service support, and they told me it can happen, but only if i do it myself (installing the modules), and that is not tested yet on these machines officially!!!???

I emailed the american service support, they told me that it can happen ONLY in vista 64. (laptop comes with 32 version)

I emailed UK, they told me to get the laptop to my local store and find out...!!!???

I emailed Greece, i have no answer at all...

Ahhh, i love acer....

I went also to a local acer dealer in dusseldorf, and they told me to bring the laptop, they would install the modules, if it works, ok, if not they switch back.

Before i do that, i would like to know if somebody has any experience on this.

i strongly believe tha a RAM update, is vital to laptops especially, as the hard drives are so slow, and when it goes down to swap file, the system gets extremely slow. Very usefull when working on programs like 3dstudio max and photoshop.

This is the 3rd acer aspire i buy in 3 years... i will never learn...

thanx for reading... :)

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Theoretically 32 bit operating systems are limited to addressing something just shy of 4 GB of memory. The chipset used in the laptop can limit this even further to 2 GB or 3GB... I don't think it'd be worth the gamble to buy 2 2 GB memory sticks to see if it works, personally.

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I would really like to know about this as well,

I also have an acer aspire (9410) and they told me it was upgradable to 4gb ram. it came with 2gb.

if they say you can, but cant with vista32, then i would not be surprised as they also lie about video cards all the time.. they advertised my acer having 256mb video card,, but it is 128 dedicated,, 400mb total... also i seen another laptop that said it had a 895mb video card and was 400$ more than mine, with the only difference bneing the video card.. i looked in display properties and its only 128mb!!! 400$ for shared ram, that can be changed with drivers. my go 7300 can go up to 895mb graphics memory...

so i recommend doing extensive research. read everything and trust no one!!

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I have a new Acer 5920G and checked with "Crucial.com/uk" regarding a their 4 gig upgrade kit and there advice was it was ok,

4 gig is the maximum on Vista 32...and 16 gig for Vista 64.... they also have a very helpful FAQ section which explains properly about why 4 gig is "tecnically" not fully seen and how Vista utilises the so called missing ram, but it does use it. The whole page file thing takes a different role when you go above 2 gig.

It all Works a treat on mine anyway, but it reports 3.5 gig of ram which I understand why now? And now Vista Home premium and games like Bioshock run with out a hint of trouble.

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