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Driver Updates for GeForce 8600M GT?


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Just wanted to ask, seeing all have the same problem with this graphics card. I myself got the Acer 5920G with Geforce 8600M GT 512MB and I'm asking you which drivers on this forum could I use, cause I'm only seeing Dell, Toshiba, HP, Asus and not Acer? :S

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I'm running an Asus G1S laptop and I had to re-install Age of Conan. Well after this install an alert popped up suggesting I update my drivers. So I tried via NVidia's site but realized that the 8600M Gt isn't the same driver as the 8600 GT. So through some google searching, I ended up @ Laptopvideo2go.

Seemed simple enough, I just download the driver + the INF file, follow the directions and my problems should be solved. So from the home page I choose "Download drivers'" -> "Vista 32" -> "169.09" + "INF" From the list.

I have no problems downloading the INF file but the driver times out on me. It doesn't matter what machine I attempt to download it on.

Is anyone else having a problem like this?



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Hi. a the 8600M GT in my laptop. I have once updatet the driver through the Windows driver updater,

and it updated my driver to nvlddmkm (ForceWare 167.59) Vista 32bit

Should i go get a new driver from this site? i'm playing Warhammer Online. and the graphics looks good. bit from time to time it just freezes for 1 or mabye 2 seconds and then it goes smooth after that again. Will a driver update from here cure that?

And does the driver make the card more hot? When 'm playing the card gets around 70 degrees

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