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ASUS G1S 8600M GT overclocking help.


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So, before I installed modded drivers, I was running 101.19 and 101.38, which both were able to be overclocked. Now I'm on 163.44 and it I can't overclock, no matter what software I try. ATITool, RivaTuner, nTune...nothing works. What sha'll I do?

Also...why is it that many, MANY, people can overclock these 8600M GT babies to really high clock speeds (if I tried doing the same clock speeds as someone else, I would get a huge amount of artifacts in games, causing me to reboot), with the same laptop, and achieve MUCH higher 3DMark scores than me, and frame rates in games. For instance, I get around 30 FPS ONLY when playing max settings in Counter-Strike: Source, @ 1680x1050, and someone else playing the same game, with the same laptop, achieved an incredible 120+ FPS in CS:S, and other games. How is this possible? It's bugging me that my laptop cannot do this...when people with the same exact laptop can. What am I doing wrong?

And when changing the resolution in CS:S to 1024x768...I only get 60 FPS. It makes no sense. :)

Thanks! :)

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He was running Vista too. And it wouldn't make that huge of a difference. :)

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i have an asus c90s battalion and i have the same GPU. if anyone has any ideas on how to overclock these babies i would love to hear them

If you are using the supplied drivers, (101.19 or 101.38), then you'll be able to overclock them. Make sure you don't overclock it too much. If you start to see artifacts, reboot and lower the clock speeds immediately to prevent damage to your system and/or GPU.

Download RivaTuner.

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