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163.75 is out


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These brand drivers are released to go with the Timeshift demo.

Vista x86

Vista x64

Vista only as it looks like 163.76 will be for XP, which is still to come.

Fixes since 163.71:

Fixed Issues?Windows Vista 32-bit

Single GPU Issues

? GeForce 7600 GT: Inverse Telecine not turned OFF by default. [336873]

SLI Mode Issues

? [sLI]: DirectX 10 SLI application profiles become deactivated after editing any

profile using the NVIDIA Control Panel. [354613]


Big thanls to Josh for finding these, not officially on the nVision site but from nV all the same

WinXP x86

WinXP x86

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Anyone have a link to this "alleged" TimeShift Demo? I know there was a TimeShift Demo released in 2006, but the title of this thread implies a new demo.

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You can get 163.75 for Win XP also.



According to here, it will be a couple of days until the demo is actually released..

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Cheers Dude, uploaded the driver, 163.76 should be out soon as well.

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