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Yamaha AC-XG on vista... drivers not working?


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i have a toshiba satellite with yamaha ac-xg... the problem is it works great in xp, but i have recently installed vista and the driver doesn´t work...

i hope someone could help me...

any idea, tip, driver would be much apreciated...

the laptop is a toshiba series 5205, everything is working on XP and also in vista, except the sound because of the drivers...

thanks in advance for any help

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This worked on a desktop pc and laptop alike:

I recently upgraded my inlaw"s system to Vista Ultimate from XP (32 bit raw install). Just like everyone else the audio did not work and i couldn't find a working solution anywhere. It's a Sony VAIO with the Yamaha YMF753 chipset. My father in law is too cheap to buy a new card and i don't get along with him enough to buy it for him.I tried alot of different methods and drivers and finally got one to work with vista that provides good sound and no issues as of yet. As most of you have felt this way before i'm sure, i was very hesitant about this at first but i became the test dummy anyhow since so many people were having problems. Here's what i did:

After an exhausting search i came up with this website and downloaded the file "yamaha awi 2152.exe". It's described as a generic driver for chipsets YMF753/752/743 and says "windows all".It's a Taiwanese site i think but go to this link and scroll down slowly and you'll find "DOWN 1" and "DOWN 2" . These are obviously the links to the file. Download it and follow the instructions below. It's 6mb. (If you can find it somewhere else post it, trying to read the page was a pain in the rear.)


Ok...even though it says "windows all" it still won't unpack and install right the normal way on Vista. Here's what i tried and it worked successfully.

Right click on the file YAMAHA AWI 2152 and go to properties. (or how u prefer to get to properties).

Yes u guessed it...."the compatibility tab". Click on it and check the box beside "run this program in compatibility mode for:" and make sure "Windows XP service pack 2" is selected. Click "apply" and then "ok".

Run the file. If you get a prompt/warning about driver signing or compatibilty select "install driver anyways".

Restart the pc. If everything went well (and your speakers are plugged in the right jack) you should now have audio. I've had a few others from other forums try this and are very pleased...i haven't heard of the crackling issues either with this like the windows update driver has had issues with.

I hope this works for anyone having this problem....it may be a little too late by the looks of the date of the first post but I figured i would reply anyhow. As i stated before no one including myself that i know of has had issues but obviously i'm not responsible if you screw up your pc with this.

Have a good day. :)

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if you have windows me, xp, or vista you don't need deivers for your disk drives

www.ati.com for your videocard

dvd drives don't need drivers

CPU's don't need drivers

go to your motherboard vendor's website if your soundcard is intergrated which it probably is being a vaio

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