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Second Digital Display & TV Out: Technically Possible?


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I have been trying for some time to get my external TFT display (connected via DVI) and the TV Out working together. :) I found a post covering this topic but it seems that all changes mentioned are already incoporated into the modeded inf.


163.44 & modded INF;SonyFe21S;GO 7600

External Samsung TFT display, connected via docking station and DVI

Internal Display: DA

External Display: DB

TV out: TA

My code is this:

rundll32.exe nvcpl.dll`,dtcfg setview 1 clone DB TA

If I run this, the old monitor setting is kept, no changes. If I change in the above DB to DA, the view is switched to clone view laptop display and TV. Since I keep my laptop in a cupboard I really need to get this working!

Any Help on this plz?!?

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Maybe you might have to change it to AA or DC.

Can you not set clone mode that way from the nvidia control panel?

Also, there isn't supposed to be a "`" between ".dll" and ",dtcfg".

You on the right track, but read this topic if you haven't already.


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Sorry, my mistakte - you are right. The nvcpl command is a post from a keyboard makro where commas have to be escaped. Thanks for the link - thats exactly how I figured out how to use the nvcpl commands.

AA doesn't do the trick neither does DC.

In the nvidia control panel I only have the options "Laptop Display&TV" and "TV&Laptop Display". No possibility to select "TV&TFT" or something similar.


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The funny thing ist that the tray tool correctly catches the TFT, wheras the nvidia control panel names both displays "Laptop Display" (see picture in last post).


But as you can see, even in tray tool TV & TFT cannot be selected both.

PS The language is german but I don't think thats related

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Looks like I can perform such a selection on my 5200Go. Using a VGA out and the TV-Out port. Which AA TA would give me primary display on the 2405 and secondary on the TV. I'd break that command down. Make sure DB is valid and TA is valid by cloning with DA

rundll32.exe nvcpl.dll`,dtcfg setview 1 clone DA TA

rundll32.exe nvcpl.dll`,dtcfg setview 1 clone DA DB

If both of these work then the original will fail for some other reason.


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