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Dell M1710 GeForce Go 7950 GTX


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Hello all, and first off thanks for a great site here, its been very informative so far.

I have recently been trying a few drivers out for my Dell M1710, windows XP-32, 2 Gig RAM, 512Mb GeForce Go 7950 GTX.

To be honest I seem to have has a few problems with some drivers and am now using the 94.23 drivers someone recommended here.

Would anyone out there be able to recommend a driver that might show better performance in Bioshock by any chance?

Many thanks for any help that can be offered.

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I'm using a 7950gtx w/512mb in an Alienware m7700.

I tried lots of the newer drivers until I found one which makes Bioshock rock! It's 156.65 and lets me run Bioshock with everything on full at 1680x1050 and runs pretty smoothly.

Hope it works for you.

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FOr the XPS with the 7900 or 7950s the only driver for good performance is the 163 series with bioshock. The problem is you will get alot of other issues outside of the game. TBH i run the 163.75s for bioshock when i want to play and install the 101.19 dell drivers for everything else. Strange to trade drivers for one game but unless i do it crashs every 20 minutes. The 101.19 run well for everything but bioshock and the 163 is the exact oposite.

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Thats fanatastic information there, and my apologies for not returning here to thank you sooner (life a bit hectic at the moment)

I'll download the 101.19 drivers first to see if there is any improvement over the 94.23 drivers I currently have installed.

Then like you said I'll try the 163.75 as well. I see your point that it might be a bit annoying have to repeatedly change drivers but I guess if thats what it takes.

Out of interest I also play Lord of The Rings Online a lot, any recommended drivers for that or are the 101.19 about as good as I can get for general use?

Many thanks for the replies anyway folks, great place this !

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