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m9750 with GeForce Go 7950 GTX


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I just got my m9750 this past Saturday. I opened it up and started it. Once the screen came up I noticed some small lines scattered across the desktop. I opened up the Nvidia control panel and looked at the 3d rotating image. I saw a few more lines as the image rotated. It looks like either flickering or maybe tearing? Not sure what the best word is to describe the problem. I also installed world in conflict, started the game and it got worse. Dots all over the screen during the opening movie.

1. I uninstalled the graphics driver, cleaned the drivers with Driver Cleaner Pro, installed new drivers and still the same problem. Ive tried several drivers. 163.75, 163.74, 163.71, 156.55, 101.29, etc. Still same problem.. I downloaded all the hot fixes i could find from windows.

2. I reloaded Windows Vista Home 32bit. Did the above step again. Same problem

3. I even went as far as loading Windows XP and loading WIN XP 32 drivers to see if I could resovle the problem... same issue.

4. I connected the laptop to a external monitor to see if maybe it was a LCD problem... see the same thing on my external.

5. My GPU is running at 66 degrees Celcuis.

I have no idea what else to do. I even found a person with a Dell XPS 1710 with the same graphics card as me having the same issue.

My specs

Dual 7950 Go GTX Nvidia SLI

2 gig ram

2.0ghz dual core intel processor


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looks like it could be an over heating issue, or simply as tearing issue. try turning on vSync and see if it fixes it

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I have zero experience with Vista. You might also want to try asking people in the www.notebookreview.com forums under Alienware as some people in there have SLi working under Vista.

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