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screen ratio problem


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Hey, i've got a vaio vgn fz11m, 15.1 inch screen and a 8400m gt video card.

i've been having problem with the videocard (ran slower than should), so i downloaded the 163.69 driver (because there were lots of suggestions in many threads to do that), and now indeed the games run smoother.

However, i'm still having 2 problems:

the first one is that the fifa 08 problem is still on - menus and game work SLOWLY with a lot of lag

the second one is a killer:

my screen ratio, as i can remember beeing widescreen, is 16:10, and now whenever i play a game with a normal resolution (1024*768, 800*600, etc) the screen ratio is messed up and the game does not show on the entire screen, only on the size of the resolution the game uses, while my screen runs in 1280*800 resolution.

It's no problem in games that allow me to choose resolutions like 1024*600, where the game fits the screen, but in others, that only have normal resolution, it's really frustrating, i can't see it full screen.

I've also tried other drivers (from the newest which s 163.75 or smth lik thet, to older ones like 163.44 etc) and the same problems, games that use normal (4:3 screen ratio) resolutions don't appear full screen on my 16:10 ratio sony notebook screen.

Anyone has this problem? can anyone please help me?

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In the nvidia control panel right click on your display and there is a menu to adjust the scaling options for the display. (might be a different method for the new control panel, nvidia has guides on their driver download pages for you to read)

You really are better off running a 1024x768 game with black bars, scaling it would distort the aspect ratio.

Many games have ways of enabling proper widescreen resolutions.

<a href="http://www.widescreengamingforum.com/wiki/...x.php/Main_Page" target="_blank">http://www.widescreengamingforum.com/wiki/...x.php/Main_Page</a>

Edit: Should be under display>change flat panel scaling in the new control panel.

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Yes, but in 1024*768, with this driver without activating that screen ration thing in nvidia control pannel, as i've said they don't play full screen, and it's frustrating. Anw, thanx a lot for the info, helped a lot!!!! :)

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