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Upgrading Geforce Go 7600


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So I came across this site trying to find a solution to upgrade my laptop's gfx drivers. What you guys offer sounds really promising, and I tried to upgrade per your directions, but I came across some issues and I'm wondering if I did it wrong.

The steps I took:

Downloaded newest drivers (for Timeshift Demo) and modified INF file. Swapped modded file for original file (if I tried to install using original file it would say it wasn't compatible anyway). Lastly, I installed the drivers and restarted my laptop.

Now the issues I received:

After restarting, the system would be stuck on a black screen after the initial "Windows XP" black loading screen. After a few more forced restarts, I was forced to restart using "last known good configuration" and that allowed my to see my desktop again. Once I checked my drivers, I found that while the nVidia software was upgraded, the drivers weren't. To make matters worse, it's having some weird adverse effect on my Security software. i use ZoneAlarm on my laptop, and since my initial attempt at these drivers, it hasn't been starting up properly.

Anyway, I'd like to get the drivers updated as soon as I can, if it's at all possible, so that I can work on my Security Software. Because if installing the drivers will inadvertently corrupt my Security software, I'd rather not keep reinstalling it after each attempt.

System info:

Custom built (Compal El 80)

- Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0Ghz

- nVidia Geforce Go 7600

- 2GB Dual Channel Ram

- Windows XP Pro w/ SP2


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Bah... In all my IT glory, I solved the first half of my problem.

I simply fully uninstalled the botched gfx drivers installed, and when windows restarted with the low-res look asking for drivers, I used the ones from here rather than the crappy (dated) 84.54 drivers that came with my system. The only issue during install is that i got the same error as before with ZoneAlarm, about how the "True Vector Engine Software" (or something to that effect) had to be shut down. Since then, when I restarted the GFX drivers seemed to have installed completely and correctly, but my Security software is still acting up. I'll probably just have to reinstall it or something.

Anyway, thanks for the drivers and modded INF. If I have any problems, I'll let you know.

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