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Alienware m9750 XP SLI-Enabled Drivers!?

Guest Silent_Sc(+)pe

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Guest Silent_Sc(+)pe

Here's my specs...

m9750 with Windows XP Media Center

T7400 2.16GHz Dual Core

2 GB DDR at 667MHz

Dual (SLI) 7950 GTX's with 94.23 drivers

100 GB Hard Driver 7,600RPM

I have called Alienware numerous times on this issue and haven't recieved a response that actually helps me at all. I have the 94.23 drivers for my SLI 7950 GTX's. They are from march...which is absolutely ancient when it comes to gaming. I can't play the newest games with SLI enabled because of the outdated Nvidia profiles and old .cfgs. I pay $4,350 to a company I trust and they don't release updates so that I can play the newest games at optimal performance. I'm about to get legal with them. This is borderline false advertising. New games run half as good as they should just because someone at Alienware is sitting on their butt instead of pushing Nvidia for new drivers...

I just wanted to know if there is any news on newer drivers or if there are any 3rd-Party drivers that support 7950 GTX's with SLI.

I will never buy an Alienware again. It is sad - because I have purchased over $7,000 worth of equipment from them within the last 5 years.

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Im in exactly the same position as yourself m8, I've already written a letter of complaint to Alienware UK with the express desire to return the product due to misrepresentation. Im waiting for them to respond.

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I have Sli working right now on my Alienware 9750. using 163.76 drivers and in XP. I was using 169.04 but had some issues with performance in slightly older games.

<edit> I'm using XP PRO. I'm not sure how or if that's makes a big difference from Home or ME..

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