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Westinghouse LVM-37w3se buggy EDID fix?

Guest Blahman

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Guest Blahman

This is for Westinghouse LVM-37w3se owners with the wrong EDID (recognized as W4207 or WDE4207). This is basically a repost from HardForums and AVSForums, so there may be some redundancies.

I've been testing another way to get 1080p out of NVIDIA cards for those of us stuck with a bugged EDID. It's not perfect (shifts the screen left 5 px, 1366x768 still default resolution on first detection) but other than that it works well for me.

It involves modding the nv4_disp.inf (OR equivalent OEM-named INF file, e.g. NVDM.inf for DELL mobile drivers) in the driver installation package and reinstalling the drivers.

Here's how:

  • Download Driver Cleaner PE or Driver Sweeper if you don't already have one of these cleaners
  • Download and run the installer for the drivers you want to install, extract them to a location you can remember (anywhere but the default C:\NVIDIA, because Driver Cleaner PE will erase that folder), but instead of installing them straight away, cancel out, and open the folder you extracted them to.
  • If using LaptopVideo2Go drivers download and copy Pieter's modded INF into the folder, overwriting the original INF.
  • Open the INF file with notepad
  • Search for the section labeled [nv_SoftwareDeviceSettings]
  • Look for a series of lines starting with HKR,, NV_R&T,
  • Select all of those lines and replace with:

    HKR,, NV_R&T,[tab][/tab][tab][/tab][tab][/tab][tab][/tab]  %REG_MULTI_SZ%, "R&T0000=1920,1080,*,60,*,WDE4207,OEM,14850,2200,72,44,1125,4,5,++"

    What this does is it tells the NVIDIA drivers to look for a monitor called "WDE4207" (as reported by the faulty EDID), and gives it a timing for 1080p.

  • Uninstall current drivers.
  • Reboot into safe mode.
  • Run Driver Cleaner PE or Driver Sweeper
  • Locate the folder you extracted the new drivers to and run setup.exe and install the drivers.
  • Reboot. After Windows boots up, set the Westy as your primary monitor and change resolution to 1920x1080. If all went well it should be running in 1080p.

Let me know if anyone tries this and their results. I'm also looking into another similar INF mod that overrides the faulty EDID data with correct EDID data, which would potentially be a much nicer fix. But I need help.

I need one of you with one of the new SE's WITHOUT the bugged W4207 EDID to download and install softMCCS, and do the following:

  • Install and run softMCCS
  • From the yellow drop down box make sure your Westinghouse monitor is selected
  • Do File-Save EDID As...
  • Change the "Save as type" box to "ASCII text file (*.txt)
  • Save the file somewhere and open it with Notepad
  • Copy and paste the contents of the file and post it here on the forums. Wrap in CODE tags for proper formatting. e.g. (my buggy "W4207" EDID data)

Referencing this thread and this thread at LaptopVideo2Go.com, it should be possible to have the drivers override the faulty EDID with the proper EDID by adding a line to nv4_disp.inf.

I need to figure out how to convert "WDE4207" to bytes (four bytes to be exact) as in the above threads. Any clues? I should probably be able to figure it out but its been a while since I took my comp sci classes. :o

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Just FYI this post was by me. I still need help with this if anyone can provide their good SE EDID or the answer on how to convert the model id "WDE4207" to bytes.

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Hi Blahman,

Just using your EDID from above, the override key would start as follows:

HKR,, OverrideEdidFlags0, %REG_BINARY%, 5C,85,07,42,00,00,FF,FF,04,00,00,00,(byte12),(byte13),(byte14-edid data to replace)

Hope this helps :)

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Thanks a lot for that. That makes sense now that the model code was in the EDID all along! But if you don't mind I am curious if you know the formula or whatever for converting between the two.

Another question: Bytes 12 and 13. If I wanted to override the entire EDID, would I put 00 and 7F respectively?

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I don't have a formula for converting the characters since I just read them from the EDID. I use Viewsonics EDID editor since it breaks it down into a manageable output. Bytes 8-11 are the four to look at.

It depends, if you want the entire EDID to be overwritten it would start at 00 and go 128 bytes (80) and overwrite the checksum (#128) as well.

I'd take a guess that both monitors that you are looking at, which I shall just call broken and fixed contain mostly the same information. I would only want to overwrite the timing on the broken which are bytes 54-71. This way you're not taking any other modified information, if there is any, from the fixed monitor and forcing it on the broken one.

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