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How to remove 59Hz Refresh Rate?


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First, let me express my appreciation of the fine work you are doing here at LV2G.

I recently installed the 163.71 XP driver from LV2G on a Acer 5920g laptop with 8600M GT and HDMI/VGA out. Here are a few questions on the .inf file.

1. The build in LCD panel only supports a single 60Hz refresh rate and yet 59Hz also appears as an option. Is this created by the .INF? And if so how do I modify

the .inf file to get rid of this?

2. I would also like to clear away unnecessary resolutions other than the standard vesa ones. How do I achieve this?

3. What is the function of NV_R&T? Is it safe to remove it?

4. What does SoftEDIDs do?

5. In older versions of the drivers, such as 93.71, the timings provided by the EDID seems to override whatever is listed in NV_Modes. It does not seem to work this way in the 163.71. If so, how does the new drivers work?

6. The 163.71 seems to have difficulty detecting the EDID of monitors if connected to HDMI, but not VGA. I have posted the problem in the support forum without getting much of a reply. What could have caused this?


Thank you and best regards.

Note: Tired posting this in the INF section but denied permission. Perhaps the moderator could kindly move it there.

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Hello mariner,

1. It's hard to tell without seeing the INF, but yes it is possible. You can get rid of 59Hz by using the R&T0000 key. It can restrict any available modes & timings.

2. Answered in question 1 and removing unwanted modes from NV_Modes will help.

3. Whether Acer added a R&T for your laptop can be seen in the INF. If it was added and is specific to your LCD then again, it is used to restrict any timing the LCD should not be using or should be specifically using.

4. SoftEDIDs was mainly used on Toshiba's to read an EDID from the BIOS vs the attached monitor.

5/6. I haven't done any testing on the 160 series so I can't answer that myself.

I just posted a reply on the details of R&T here

To note: if I remember some other tests I did a while back about frequencies... even though 59/60Hz is an option it might be a value such as 59.9Hz that could be rounded either way. But that is from my memory

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Hi Teraphy, thank you for the kind reply.

1. I have attached both the edid and nv4_disp.inf and would appreciate if you could tell me which may have been responsible for teh 59H refresh rate.

2. If [HKR,, NV_R&T, %REG_MULTI_SZ%, "R&T0000=1280,800,*,60,*,LPLE100,OEM,7100,1440,48,32,823,3,6,--"] is added, would it restrict the display to just one resolution/refresh rate?

3. Is there any documentation on nv4_disp.inf

4. Who would be the best person to address the question regarding the problem of EDID not detected by the laptop XP driver?

Best regards.



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