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Best driver for 7950 GTX & Dell m1710


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Hi, I'm looking for the best driver that will work properly with my 7950 GTX on a Dell m1710. I read that the best 2 options are 163.69 or the 156.65 drivers, if I'm understanding correctly. Is that true? Which do you recommend that I use?


I just tried 163.69 and I get the artifact problem once I unplug my power cord and run off the battery. I also tried 156.65 with the same problem. Any recommendations?


I just got done with the 156.55 drivers, and it works ok. Any newer/better ones?

Thanks in advance!


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I guess no one reads these much

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Have you tried 156.69 ?

This should be WHQL for your machine as well.

Latest Windows Update driver

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