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92.91 DHzer0point drivers is this the one for me?


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:P Ok been doing some benchmarking with different drivers. This one I am trying now seems good except for video display and dvd's they look a little fuzzy.

My card is this one here:

3dForce Jaton 6200-256


My core components in my system are

1.2 ghz tulitan celeron (256k L2 cache 100 mhz bus)

***getting PIII 1.4 cpu soon*** (512k L2 Cache 133 Bus)

512mb memory (which will run at 133 mhz)

maxtor 8 ata/133 drive (just switched out)

So i had tried the newest drivers from nvidia 1st of course before i tried the DHzer0point drivers and look what happen:

(using PC Pitstops Full system Test)

On the Newest drivers I got 8.66 MP/s ??? thats odd :)

and on the DHzer0point I got 105.37 MP/s :)

Maybe the new drivers because they are above 100 do not report the MP's correctly? All i know is the game lagged alot worse with the newer drivers

I have also heard that NGO' drivers are good. But does anyone else know why the new drivers would act that way on my card. Also does anyone know if i should try any other drivers for this card? :P


Dell Optiplex GX 150 (Small Form Factor)

PIII 1.4 Tulitan CPU (512k l2 cache 133 mhz bus)

Jaton 6200-256 Geforce AGP 8X (using 4X slot)

512 MB PC 133 Memory

30 Gig Maxtor 8 ATA/133


Floppy Drive/8 in 1 Media Drive

Standard PS2 Keyboard

GE 3 button ps2 mouse

Samtron 17'' VGA Monitor at 1024X768 85hz

Genuine Microsoft® Windows® XP Home

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