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Hey guys, Hoping someone can help me here!!!

Have been playing Stalker and Oblivion on my laptop for a while now - no problems, until Oblivion recently started crashing! I have the latest patches, so decided to update Graphics card...Haven't done this since I bought laptop, which was in february '07.

Problem - Uninstalled display drivers via. add/remove programs. Restarted laptop. Can't install the new driver I downloaded from Nvidia website, have been on the Asus website but don't know which driver to install!

Another annoying thing is university internet is 'shutting down' at 16:00 today and doesn't start again till monday!!!!

Hope someone can help, as im a noob in a state of panic!


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Head over here and start reading.

You have until Monday to read up and then download and properly install a driver before you Interweb is enabled again :)

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sorry,i'm not good at english...but trust me in computer...

do u means u can install ur driver ?? after u uninstall the old one...

if i'm right.just follow this link:

http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index....showtopic=15175 (v156.65)

it's is the steadiest and newest for nv mobile series....

trust me...i'm using Nv go 7400..its the same with urs..

and thr hv a newer v156.66,but i tried ,its will make ur laptop VGA display setting to 1920*1440 ,so i dont think this is good choice...

ok..wish is useful to u...good luck

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Cheers for the quick replys guys....Just got back from my lectures, read the pages as promted and downloaded the driver as suggested!

This is a great website with great community.

all smooooooooth now :)

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