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Extremely low fps for World of Warcraft


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After having played World of Warcraft on an old desktop PC, i was really surprised at how bad the game played itself on my new Laptop. I have an average of 10 fps, while even my old computer with a worse processor and only a quarter of the RAM kept at constant 40-50 fps.

So I went to the World of Warcraft forums to get some help, and there I read that this a driver related problem (nvidia drivers not being completely compatible with vista yet or something like that, to be honest, I'm not really a pro in this area, so I might have misunderstood a few things).

Well one of the posters pointed me to this forum, and I immediately tried to download the new drivers + modded inf. Unfortunately, this didn't change anything (exept Vista rating my games performance at 3 instead of 2.6).

Does anybody know if there is another solution then to wait for nvidia to finally provide viable drivers?

EDIT: Well I just ran a 3DMark03 test and got 1308 points... But stangely enough, the first game test ran smoothly, as opposed to the others which played as smoothly as WoW (read +/- 5 fps)

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It's best to use the specific driver that came with your notebook OEM, because notebook GPU's are different from their desktop counterparts. Other than that, maybe your notebook GPU is overheating so it underclocks itself causing the drops in FPS.

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I don't think it's a heat problem since the fan only works occasionally.

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