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Geforce Go 6150, Vista Premium 32-bit


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hey guys, i have a geforce go 6150. I'm runnin a vista premium 32 bit. Total Available graphics memory 335 MB. Dedicated video memory 64 MB. system video memory 0MB. Shared system memory 271 MB. I have 2 gig's of ram. Hp Pavilion 1.9...

i really need to know where to start.

im pretty sure there's a driver on here for me. so far, my nvidia control panel has 2 options, 3d setting which i can change one line, and display configuration which there again is no option or change. i feel like there's gotta be something out there for this! some driver. i hope this is the place.

i know how to change drivers and what not, i read this sites tutorial like 10 times.

i just need a direction or a lil info..

can someone give me a hand. it would be awesome.

all i run is counter-strike 1.6 and if anything, c.s.s. when i descide to d/l it.

please and thank u.

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what is that you are trying to achieve???

I have similar setup

256 dedicated

767 shared system ram

total 1023

I'm curently running on 163.75 and have no issues.

I however am trying to reduce the shared system ram to 0, but with no luck, so far no has been able to help me. It appear to built into the drive functionality, and is not a system variable that can be easily changed

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well, im puttin out my info and settings to see if someone w/ the exact setup tried a driver and could suggest it to me.. and im pretty much puttin out my situation, to see if i can get any help, lil hints or what-not.

soo.. 163.75 driver..

im not quite sure if that is what i tried yesterday, but i did attempt one, and it caused my comptuer to shut down and do a system restore.. soo, considerin my lack of knowledge, im a lil effy.

ill give that one a try, if there's any other suggestions, it'll be greatly appreciated.

do these drivers d/l programs so that you can alter settings as-well.. ?


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