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Balanced Settings for COD 4: Modern Warfare - 8400m

Ex Bond

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These are NOT settings guaranteed to give you 30 FPS. At most, you'll get around 18-22 FPS (Measured in FRAPS). These settings are for people like me who prefer the midpoint between Performance and Quality





When I overclocked my machine to 520/530, I was able to run everything in maximum detail in 1280 x 800 with 2x AA at 18-22 FPS. I was also able to run it at 26-30 FPS with 1024 x 768, 2x AA, and maximum detail when overclocked. It seems COD 4 and GRAW 2 share a common problem, which is the inevitable frame skipping/stuttering when turning or moving, no matter WHAT the settings are. BTW my drivers are 165.01. Also, I would advise you adjust your video settings BEFORE you start the demo campaign as it tends to be a little buggy.

As for the game itself, it rocks. It's a bit more GRAW-ish whe it comes to combat, but otherwise plays very much like its predecessors which is a good thing.

*hops in time machine and travels to 11/06/07* HAHA CYA LOSERS!

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