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Guest Pilot101

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Guest Pilot101

After trying forever to get FS9 working again on my new laptop, I was pointed here to get some drivers with a modded INF.

Lucky for me, they worked! Very happy to see that, FS9 is going good, but I have yet to re-check things like FSX and TDU after the new drivers.

What I want to know is one thing... posted this on an other site:


I used the laptopvideo2go drivers version 163.71 for my 8600M GS. So far, have only tried FS9, hopefully everything else works like before, too!

One question though-

After installing these drivers, it made my system performance change. Vista has a built in performance tool that gives me a rating for each part of my system, something like 4.5 for CPU, 4.9 for graphics, so on so forth.

Well, BEFORE the drivers, with FS9 not working right, it was as follows:

Processor: 4.8

Memory: 4.6

Graphics (Desktop Graphics - Aero Interface, etc.): 4.5

Gaming Graphics (3D intense games - FSX, Bioshock, etc.): 4.9

Primary Hard Disk: 4.8

After installing the drivers, FS9 works properly, but the performance reads as follows:

Processor: 4.8

Memory: 4.5

Graphics (Desktop Graphics - Aero Interface, etc.): 4.3

Gaming Graphics (3D intense games - FSX, Bioshock, etc.): 5.2

Primary Hard Disk: 4.8

I was excited to see that 3-point boost in Gaming Graphics, but why the decrease in desktop graphics? Any ideas? Will this affect my system performance in any way?

If Vista runs marginally slower, I honestly don't care - it's my games, applications, documents, etcetera that I want running at their peak performance.

Vista's description is that "Graphics" rating is based on the capability of the graphics card to run the Aero Interface, and "Gaming Graphics" rating is based on the capability of the graphics to run high-intensity 3D accellerated processes, such as next generation video games.


System is Intel Core 2 Duo 1.67GHz, 2GB RAM, 8600M GS 256MB (1GB shared), 320GB HD, Vista Ultimate, 64bit, all DX10.

Before I installed the new drivers, FSX was excellent, 21FPS locked at 21 with absolute max graphics, BF2 maximum with 60-100fps all the time, TDU was 25-80fps all the time.

Anyway, just want to know the answer to the above.

Also - what would be the best drivers for my new laptop? After finally experiencing success with these, I was quite happy. But I am so confused about drivers. Apparently the 156.xx versions are newer or better? Or what? I thought I was running "almost" the newest ones when I got 163.75, but I see people saying they are running ALL SORTS of drivers, and the forums here always say all these random ones are "new". Any info on this would help!

Thanks for the drivers though, they are excellent (so far)!!!

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Uh, never trust the Windows rating system because they are wrong most of the time. You'll be fine although I would upgrade your processor.

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Guest Pilot101

Well, it's a laptop and it's brand new, so that probably won't be happening. I get good enough performance anyhow with my games.

Which is why I came back here - just wanted to update that TDU is now running better than before, going to check FSX - can't tell for FS9 but it seems alright.

Any input on my question regarding the drivers and such?

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Well, as far as best drivers go, I really couldn't tell you. Some people say the 156.66 drivers get you the highest benchmark readings, but i used them and I was not satisfied.I upgraded to the 165.01 drivers and was happy to see that they worked much better with high demanding games, namely GRAW 2 and BioShock.

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Guest Pilot101

Okay, thanks a lot for the input, appreciate your time!

I will try playing with different drivers then and see what happens. So far I am pretty happy with it though, but you never know.. :)

Thanks again!

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