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mobile 156.73 WHQL is out


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Driver is dated 2007-10-16 so only a week old and latest available. Supports natively the majority of NVIDIA mobile GPUs and is WHQL.

Get the driver and all info exclusively here:

156.73 XP 32bit

156.73 XP 64bit

156.73 VISTA 32bit

156.73 VISTA 64bit


Modded INFs will follow later today.

Those Waskly Wabbits have chewed my phone line some where, and my DSL is not well, disconnects very few minutes.

Hopefully fixed later today (as I attempt to download all these drivers to get the iNFs)

Vista x86 users should be able to grab the 156.72 and use it with this if they can't wait.


DSL is back up, phone line is not fixed just rerouted via modem, was going to cost me an arm and a leg to get fixed by techy

Will do this my self, by running new cables and save me lots of $$

But INFs are all up now :)

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