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Slow-Scrolling Internet and Driver Issues

Guest Patsie

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Hey y'all,

I posted this on the Tech Guy support forums and they told me to come here and ask, so here it is, help!! :)

-I was playing a computer game when all of the sudden it got pretty choppy. I decided to try to update my drivers. Originally I installed one that I wasn't sure if it was compatible or not, but it worked decently until the problem happened later.

So today I attempted to solve the problem again. I looked up some solutions and was told 'Delete everything that has to do with NVIDIA drivers off your system and download the new driver. Restart, install what you DL'd, restart.'

This worked once even though NVIDIA apparently decided that customer service isn't their forte and only offered video cards that went way past the mode I had. So I went to http://www.tweakforce.com/ and downloaded the latest driver.

When I came back (before installing) I got a slow-scrolling internet screen and a really low resolution. I installed the driver and went through with it again; however when I came back Windows said there was new hardware (for like 6 different things), none of which it could automatically install. So I thought the driver must've been bad and deleted it and tried again with another one.

When I tried installing this one I got the error: "The NVIDIA Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit." I have no idea what to do at this point, but I still have a slow scrolling internet and no way to install any NVIDIA drivers (hell, I don't even know which drivers I should try to install).

So I guess I have three questions:

Where should I get the drivers for a Geforce Go 7600 video card if NVIDIA doesn't even offer it on the site?

How do I fix the installation problem so I don't get this error?

Will an install fix the problem of new hardware and actually work like a video card? Because the last time I did it I still got the slow-scrolling internet and low resolution.


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