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Guest Dr.Sharl

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Guest Dr.Sharl

Hi, I have an Alienware Area51 7700M with a Geforce Go 7800GTX and i have Windows Vista Ultimate. I try many drivers from lv2go and none function well.

For example, the UT3, take 15fps (in XP 60fps).

And the opengl don't works.

Why? Can anyone help me?

Many thanks for all, great job guys.

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First off, I assume that you read the entire FAQ, and everything linked from it.

If so, and you tried everything that might pertain to your situation...

Be sure not to use the v165.xx drivers (i think it was v165.17, i cant find the tread anymore, thank god) Those drivers don't support OpenGL.

And for getting 15fps in Vista only... That's interesting. I would say that it's either something wrong with the way Vista is configured, or more likely there's some kind of massive difference in the settings for the videocard drivers. You can confirm most all of the options that matter with this tool: http://www.nHancer.com/

Also, know that the demo doesn't have any DX10 extensions, if you're playing the demo. So even on a DX9 card under Vista, there will hopefully be a few optimizations for DX10 "gold" version of the game that should improve your FPS at least a little. Especially in the sound department, but a lil for GPU as well. But yeah, the difference should not be anywhere near what you mentioned. And in XP, sounds like it's only limited cos of vsync to your LCD. (which is good, vsync is good, heheh)

So try out nHancer, verify that you are using the same settings as you are in XP (nHancer works with XP & Vista, both 32/64 bits) and see if that helps Vista. :)

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