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Before posting, asking questions about drivers etc, Please can you follow some very quick and simple guidelines:

1. Please state what OS your using, generally XP or vista

2. If your using 64 bit then please state this, if you dont, we presume your on 32bit as its the most common platform still.

3. please give us your GPU BIOS revisions - yoiu can get these by downloading GPU-Z HERE

4. let us know any other drivers you've used other than those supplied by your laptop manufacturer.

these simple things will help us respond quicker.



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Have you ever tried to run the NERD tool? It extracts a mountain of details that might come in handy sooner or later. Though it's not perfectly adjusted to VISTA yet (loads of unnecessary or double info from msinfo32 as MS changed the commandline arguments again :) ), it more or less does it's job pretty well.

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I tried ALL versions of GPU-Z and they don't work on my laptop. It makes my laptop hang.

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I think your post needs to be relocated in a new thread here it will allow you to post in the author's website for any help!

By the way www.techpowerup.com is one of the best tech site's I use, second to LTV2G! :)

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