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8600m GT stock overclock?


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okay so I'm sure a lot of use know the specs for the 8600m GT

core clock 475Mhz

Shader Clock 950Mhz

Memory Clock 350Mhz (700Mhz)

But when I check my cards speeds with the RivaTuner hardware monitor, its showing:




Is there a particularly reason for this, or is my card abnormally fast?

My card definitely hasn't been overclocked by me.

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I would say that either Rivatuner is incorrect, or dell has stepped into some new territory for their laptops.

Its not uncommon for dell laptop cards to have different than normal clock speeds though. However they usually underclock due to heat issues, not overclock....

What does it say in the driver's coolbits/OC page?

There is a difference between what is set in the driver and what is read by some 3rd party program.

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Guest Mr. Dynamite

Edit by Bill: Removed full quotation

SORRY I GOT THE WRONG QUOTE in my previous post..... :)

Just try gpu-z you can find here on this website. GPU-Z is the equivalent of CPU-Z (WWW.CPUID.com). You can try also PC Wizard 2008, a diagnostic and benchmark tool made by the same CPUID team. So try GPU-Z and PC Wizard and compare them to RIVA tuner to see if your video card is truly overclocked or not.

GPU-Z : <a href="http://laptopvideo2go.com/rrr/gpu-z_v0.0.9.exe" target="_blank">http://laptopvideo2go.com/rrr/gpu-z_v0.0.9.exe</a>

PC Wizard : <a href="http://www.cpuid.com/pcwizard.php" target="_blank">http://www.cpuid.com/pcwizard.php</a>

Good luck! and give us some feed back about your findings ...

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That is interesting. GPU-z showed the default core clocks to be ehat nvidia stated, but the memory is definitely clocking in at 800 rather than 700

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As far as I know, all 8600M cards have 800mhz instead of 700mhz for memory. And Rivatuner is wrong. It's not done by Dell, I have a Zepto 6625WD and Rivatuner tells me exactly the same as in the starting post. The only thing that is true is that the memory runs on 800mhz.

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You guys need to stop posting full quotations of the post right above yours or the post right above that.

It irritates us ban stick carrying mods and admins. :)

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