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8600m gs performance!


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Hello to everyone!

I'm from Greece and I'm having a problem with my 8600m gs because as you know nvidia doesn't give us drivers for laptop pc's...

I want to ask if someone has the same graphic card with me and has tested a couple of drivers. Also i want to know his opinion about

which driver gives the best performance in games.. Thanx a lot and congratulations to those who are working hard to give as solutions

for our driver needs...

I hope you will response soon because i haven't installed any driver yet. (Format)

Sorry for my poor english :)

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I have a 8400M GS with the 167.xx drivers and they work best for me.

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I have exactly the same problem. I have the 8600M GS from NVidia, and I don't find any drivers for this card. I tried several

laptopvideo2go drivers but none of them worked. I'm using Windows XP Pro 32 Bit on HP pavilion dv9560eg.

I wrote an E-Mail to the HP support, but they directed me to this page. What can I do? Are there any drivers for this card?

Please help me!

Thanks a lot!


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I believe the 169 are best in 3d Performance, but the 156 drivers are supposedly fully functional.

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