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What is that noise click in Geforce go based notebooks?

Guest lerox

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I have one simple curiosity... I would want to know what is those clik that it is felt in notebook every the 2 or 3 minutes... When cyclical I feel this noise/click... the games have one lightest but annoying pause. There is a way in order to resolve the problem? Thanks

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cdrom-access? CD-rom downspeeding (34x->12x)? CD-Rom power down/stand-By (for saving battery or extending lifetime of CDRoM?)?

searching for WLAN can create a OS delay (you call it "light annoying pause"). Disable WLAN as long as you don't need it.

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WLAN is disabled in Bios and OS Setting...

It seems like the same ( but much softly ) noise I hear when I put a floppy disk in the drive .

I don't Know if is hd or Floppy drive ciclyng access...


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That would be your HD parking it's heads...change your power settings to 'Always On' or any scheme which does NOT power down the hard drive under AC power.

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