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Nv Go7400 OC GPU580_RAM840 Score


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my laptop is HP Dv6147 ...T7200 , Go 7400 ,2G ram..

and the driver is v156.55

I just try use Rivetuner OC my GPU,its really simple.....but the highest clock can choose oc to GPU580_RAM840 with the performance enhance 20%,the defult clock setting is GPU450_ram700...

the full 3d03 and 3d05 score:

3DMARK 03:5075 (default :3972)

3DMARK 05:2373 (default :1985)

then i use this oc clock play war3 5 hours,

and watch one 1080P HDTV with H.264 video processor hadware accelerates(the effect is not palpable,also depend on my cpu mostly)...

and 1 dvd movie with mpeg2 code ,also use hadware accelerates by Nv purevideo coder(the effect is palpable,letdown my cpu usage from 40% to 15%)

now the system is also steady....so .....

ok,good luck....pardon my s*** english....hope you can understand what i said....lol....



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