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NVIDIA planning 8800M GTX notebook graphics?


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November 19th is the rumoured release date, funnily enough just in time for Xmas :)

I'll leave enough room for a Clevo or Dell based Laptop with the GPU under the tree (hint hint) :)

Article came from Electronista

NVIDIA is planning a new top-end graphics processor for notebooks that will outperform the GeForce 8700M GT just a few months after its release, claim visitors to the recent Computex expo in Taiwan. The upgrade would be known as the 8800M GTX and would effectively be a mobile-optimized version of the imminent GeForce 8800 GT for desktops. The architecture would be virtually the same save for a lower clock speed and switching on power saving measures that are unnecessary for the desktop card, according to the report.

The part would be intended primarily for desktop replacement notebooks such as the Clevo D900C and may also find its way into mainstream systems like the Dell XPS M1730; the chip would be available on a removable MXM card format with either 256MB or 512MB of memory for gaming notebooks that allow replacement video cards as an upgrade.

An official release date has not been announced, but the apparent leak would point to an NVIDIA launch of the 8800M GTX on November 19th, roughly three weeks after the introduction of the desktop hardware. Clock speeds and other details have not yet been leaked.

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I hope I can replace my 8700M with a 8800M.. :)

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I'll be amazed if they actually do a hardware launch that soon, since in the past it's been ages after the desktop card is released that the notebook card shows up. I'm sure they want to launch before Christmas and all, but it may be a paper launch at first with products not showing up until just before the end of the year. There's certainly going to be quite a few miffed 8600M/8700M owners though.

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I read on another forum the they are to launch the 8800M on three levels 8800m GT, 8800M GS and 8800M GTX sound like the 7000 series and if it will like that, sounds like we gonna have another good affordable GPU like the Go 7900 GS hopefully...

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