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Nvidia 8600m gt BIOS


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Hi guys,

i really need your help. I'm having some problems with my dell 1520 as described in this topic on another forum.

Now I think that is something wrong with the bios version of my card, i'm pretty shure that is a 8600m gt because of the gpu and memory clock and the 32 shaders but in the bios it is seen as NVIDIA NB8P-GS with bios version :

I just want to know from other dell 1520 with nvidia 8600m gt cards owners if they have the same name in the bios general description and the same bios version.

If not i ask kindly to attach the version of your bios making a copy. You can use this link if you don't know how : http://forum.notebookreview.com/showthread.php?t=160237, so I can flash it on my laptop and hopefully solve my problems.

I've attached a ss of gpu-z so you can see my configuration.

Thank's all, i hope that you can help me.


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I have the same BIOS description as you: "NB8P-GS P410 sku1 VGA BIOS", but interestingly, the version is reported as instead of "02". Dell might have included a minor vBios update with the A03 BIOS ... the latest for the Vostro 1700 is still A00.

I see you're using Forceware 101.38? If so, it would definitely help for you to get one of the latest releases from here :)

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i'm sure it's not the drivers. i've test it all and i can't even finish a 3dmark it freezes. And mine it says only NB8P-GS not the P410 SKU1 VGA BIOS part, and i'm pretty certain that flashing the bios for the board doen't flash the bios for the video card. i've tried A00 and A03 with the same results.

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