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hdmi problem


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Monster Ultra 800 HDMI Cable

Viewsonic 2835M (1920x1200 max resolution)

Nvidia 8400M GT 256MB Dedicated / 1GB shared

Sony Vaio Laptop VGN-FZ290

Vista Ultimate x64

Nvidia driver (laptopvideo2go.com):


When using HDMI connection instead of VGA, the font quality is blurred and distorted. I tried at least 4 different brand new hdmi cables and know for sure it is not the cable NOR the laptop NOR the monitor itself. It is a setting somewhere along the line. I've tried this on 2 laptops, 2 monitors (same brand/model), all same issue.

I set resolution to 1900x1200 and tried 1900x1080 (both 32bit). No normal quality at all. VGA is fine, but I prefer hdmi for higher quality - at least once I get it fixed. I tried 59hz and 60hz, same problem still.

What could be the cause here?

Crazy part is, screen shot shows font quality font just fine. But its not at all. I also set monitor input to hdmi as well.

Another thing, I see no option to select 720, 1080i or 1080p for example in the nvidia control panel



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100 viewed this thread and no reply???

Please help

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The nvidia control panel also shows no options for hdmi

It constantly crashes as well.


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Ok. I have updated the driver again from laptopvideo2go.com and used the latest Vista x64 bit version.



The Nvidia panel now shows hdmi options and I selected 1080p, 1920x1200 resolution and 32bit.

The problem still persists. Blurry font quality. I tried 1920x1080, same problem. I chose hdmi as input

on the monitor itself. I've rebooted my pc. Turned off / on the monitor. Still persists.




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I guess no one cares to help.

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It's more likely that nobody here knows the answer. Even though HDMI is a "digital" standard, it may not do per-pixel addressing the way VGA does, which is how VGA achieves such crisp results. You'll probably have to hit the HD forums to get an answer to this.

If you do find an answer, please let us know so we can help the next person. Thanks!

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