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Nview Desktop Manager NVkeystone Boot Camp 8600m GT Macbook Pro


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So I have installed Boot Camp, and Windows XP service pack 2. I installed the drivers that boot camp give and windows is running great. The problem I am having is enabling the NVKeystone feature inside the Nview Desktop manager - tool's tab. Its greyed out so I can't even enable it. I meet all the requirements for it and have a PC that uses it so I know how it works and everything. I just can't get it to enable. I have even tried the Nvidia drivers with the modded INFs from http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/

And those work well as drivers, but I get the same problem where the NVkeystone is greyed out.

So I have talked with Nvidia and they are telling me to talk with the Laptop provider which is Apple, but I don't think apple is going to get me anywhere so while I talk to apple I will also post here.

Does anyone know a solution to enable NVkeystone. I have to use a projector with a side keystone problem and with money issues and other stuff this is my only option and would love to be able to use it off my boot camped macbook pro.

Thanks for any info.

Attached is all my nvidia sys info and what not.


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So I guess many aren't interested or don't know any solutions, so I wrote Nvidia and the replied that they no longer make the NVkeystone driver for the 8 series cards. So stupid! Anyway maybe some could tell me if it is possible to trick my 8 series card into thinking its a 7 series so the keystone driver will work. Does anyone know? Thanks for any info.

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Guest thn5625

I may be able to help. I have an 8400M GS Nvidia card on a laptop. The Nview is working very well but you may have to do a clean reinstall of both the control panel, driver and nview. For some reason this takes care of some "bugs" in the programming.

Again, make sure you unistall everything then install the driver and control panel first. Then Nview.

If it doesnt work then let me know so I can give you the Nview version I use.

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