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169.02 is out


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nVidia has just released these latest drivers but only supports the 8800 GT (not supported in 169.01).

But we of course weave our magic and the modded INF will allow all GPUs use this driver.

WinXP x86

WinXP x64

Vista x86

Vista x64

Drivers are uploading now. [edit: all uploaded]

I'm supposed to be at work, but you guys get a treat as I sneak home to do this :)

Not tried these yet so can't comment.


Powermizer still not working properly just as in 169.01 (no surprise)

So this means the clocks are locked in 3D low power mode.

This applies to me with a Dell i9400 with a go7900 GS and Vista x64 SP1 beta

Others may find different, please report to each respective OS if your setup Powermizer works or not.

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