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The Fifa 08 solution :)


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Hey Everybody :)

Always I read that you have some Problems in FIFA 08.

When FIFA runs in Slow Motion then try to turn off vsync in your Driver Menu.

My Framerate increase from 30fps up to 100fps with an 8600M GT.

Greetz and sorry for my bad English^^


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I've got the same notebook (Aspire 5920). And forcing off the vsync in the driver menu is the solution to the problem. Fifa runs like a charm :) .

Just out of curiosity, can you tell me what other things you've done to your acer aspire? What driver software, what did you all install, deïnstall and tweaked?



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Well I just installed the 169.04 Driver and Overclocked my Graphic Card (600/500).

But first of all I reinstalled my Vista System without all the Acer s*** on it :) and installed just the driver I need.

Never use the Drivers of Acer :P go to Intel and so on and Download the Newest Driver you found there and

everything will be ok... :)

I`ll getting 4250 Points @ 3D Mark 2006 and the Graphic Card is getting 92 Degrees hot!

Greetz Kiwiiii

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Hey kiwii,

How did you reïnstall Vista without the crap from Acer (because it does that automaticly) and what software did you use to overclock your videocard?

And where did you find the 169.04 drivers, the newest i can find is the 165.01 driver...



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