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New Driver not working properly


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Well I have a Geforce Go 7 series 7900 GTX 256 MB on a Aurora Alienware laptop. I currently play Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne. Randomly my computer will freeze when playing this game, it doesnt matter if I am online playing or watching replays it will freeze at random. It only started doing this when I reformatted my computer. I have spent over 15 hours on the phone with Alienware techs and I have completely had my computer in pieces checking every single piece of hardware. I have ran every test on every piece of hardware on the machine and everything turns out fine. Well after spending over 15 hours on the phone over the course of 3 days with Alienware techs they gave up on me and said there is nothing we can do for you we have done everything, we can do. So I decided to do more extensive research for myself and I found people just like me having the same problem, they say it is due to your main driver, it is called NV4_Disp.dll in the start then run then dxdiag and then in the display tab. Well it would make sense being that I just reformatted my computer and downloading all the new drivers for every piece of hardware on my machine that it would have to be my driver for my video card. I know this is probably a FAQ but does anyone know where I could get the oldest to newest drivers listed for my video card and ready for download? I am going to try and use the older driver that I use to have for my video card and hopefully that will fix my problem.

Thank you so much,


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