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Can GeForce Go 7400 support HD DVD with your drivers?


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Hi all. First up, I have tried searching for this but the forum search reports 'Sorry, an error occurred...'.

I have the GeForce Go 7400 on board a Sony VAIO FE-Series laptop. I have over 700MB of free graphics memory, and 64MB of dedicated video memory.

I just bought the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive, which is plug'n'play compatible with Windows Vista. All you need is software capable of playing HD DVDs, such as CyberLink PowerDVD which I also just bought.

Unfortunately HD DVD playback is very jumpy, which surprises me as the laptop can easily play other HD video content at high resolution. With the latest Sony NVIDIA drivers (100.85), the CyberLink advisor suggested my graphics card just needed updated drivers.

Now I am using very new modded inf drivers from your website (version 169.02), and it advised me the graphics board and drivers are not capable of HD DVD! It lied to me! :) Here are the detailed reports:

<a href="http://www.cyberlink.com/multi/support/ans...aq.jsp?FID=2577" target="_blank">http://www.cyberlink.com/multi/support/ans...aq.jsp?FID=2577</a>

<a href="http://www.cyberlink.com/multi/support/ans...aq.jsp?FID=2583" target="_blank">http://www.cyberlink.com/multi/support/ans...aq.jsp?FID=2583</a>

As you can see, it says, "We recommend that you have graphics card drivers that support HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) standard. ... nVidia PureVideo HD drivers can support ... HD DVD playback. Please make sure you download and install ... nVidia ForceWare 93.71 or later version."

Worse still, with your drivers instead of jumpy playback I get no playback, and an error message that the graphics drivers are incompatible:


Surely my card can handle it? Surely your drivers should handle it? It was supposed to be a pretty high end laptop for games and media use. Anyone know for sure if it supports HDCP or if these drivers are PureVideo HD compliant?

Many thanks :)

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1. If you can increase your graphics memory in your BIOS then do so. It does say 256mb of memory for graphics or more, but I use 128mb without issue with downloaded HD content.

2. PureVideo HD isn't required for HD 720p or 1080i video viewing. It's really more for 1080p. Try an alternative codec if one exists like WinDVD 8.0 or others. I use the freeware MediaPlayerClassic for my HD video viewing with the default Vista codecs.

3. The 7400 should support HD resolution viewing of 720p if you have 1280x800 WXGA display (out to a TV is not guaranteed though). I have a 6150 with the same resolution and I can watch 720p HD content.

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Thanks very much for the reply, but it seems to relate to 'HD video', whereas my issue is with HD DVDs. HD video content is just fine, but not DVD playback.

I don't believe there are any other programs that can play HD DVDs apart from PowerDVD at the moment.

Anyone got any ideas?

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Someone please help me. It's a pretty straightforward Q for the experts here I'm sure. Should the GeForce Go 7400 play HD-DVD discs without jumping, or not?


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Why don't you just try some more drivers like the WHQL mobile 156 series ones. (169 drivers are betas anyway)

I will be testing this myself in a week or so. I'll see what drivers it works with on the 8700M GT.

You don't need HDCP to playback on the laptop screen, but your card probably doesn't support HDCP on the DVI output. But you can use VGA output.

You can remove HDCP anyway with AnyDVD HD.

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Hi, thanks for the advice. I am now running with the WHQL 158.36 drivers, and AnyDVD. The problem remains.

I think it must be down to video memory, and the VAIO BIOS does not let me reconfigure the 64MB available.

Unless anyone has any ideas I am going to give up and sell the HD DVD drive.

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