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v156.69 VISTA 32bit | NVIDIA, DELL, TOSHiBA



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  1. 1. Are you satisfied by the quality of this driver and can you recommend it for other users?

    • No
    • Yes
    • Yes, even though i noticed a few bugs.

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156.69 is the best driver for Dell 8400m based systems so far. EVERYTHING works.....

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Guest doubleblack

That's great news, I installed it last night and will be running some tests later today...but I'm still waiting for someone to answer my question:

Is there any advantage to still using the modded INF's instead of the WHQL one to get special tweaks or optimizations or something?

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2 driver errors during day of defeat in 2 hours , not so bad. I prefer this over 165.01.

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Both 156.73 and the 156.69 works equally good for me. I'll stick with these though becuase I don't like seeing an update in Windows Update list and don't want to hide it.

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i am using 8400m on my dell laptop , the 169.04 one is better or this one ?

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since no one reply , i test the driver with my 8400m Gs , i score 2514 in 3DMark06 with the 169.04 , however i only score 1854 with 156.69 ........seems 169.04 is better

BtW the 156.69 cant overclock the memory core with Riva tuner but 169.04 can

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