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MXM Card for Amilo 1667G

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The graphics card in my laptop has burnt out its a ATI Mobility X700 PCI-E 128MB

1) Do you guys know of anywhere I can get a replacement card in the UK I want a new card if possible not a

second hand one out of a doner machine.

2) I have seen one the same ebay (second hand ) for £100 personally I think this is way too much I

really wanna pay £40max for a brand new one. Is this a realistic price?

3) If I upgraded the card say to X800 would there be any problem apart from just reinstalling drivers?

4) If I wanted the card fitted by a laptop repair specialist how much should I expect to pay (i.e are we talking 1hrs work or more)?



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1) In the UK? Not really. But I sell cards and ship to the UK.

2) That's a lot for a second hand card. 40 for a new card is not realistic, I'm afraid. If you wait long enough you might get lucky on eBay with a second hand card but that has shown to be a ticket in the lottery..; With fairly bad odds I may ad.

3) Yes. The x800 is a different class and size. Problems to be expected: no fan control, mechanical problems to fit the card or heatsink,...

5) It takes me about 5 minuts but I'm 100% sure they will charge you with more. Probably a 15 minut job if you do it yourself.

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I also have A1667G with Athlon 4000 and my ATi has fallen over and I'd like to keep the machine going and am trying to find a card to replace the ATi. Performance is not really an issue so much as making the machine useable again.

Any advice you can give will be a great help.

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Pretty much anything from X700 to 7600Go, X1800/1900, 8600m GT/GS or even 9600m GT.

Go read some posts about amilo m3438g, xi1548 or Pi1556 upgrades.

Yours should be able to accomodate the same cards

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so could I expect a Dell card to be ok for the A1667G as it is an 8400GS Graphics Card albeit for a Dell?

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That's not sure...

Be very careful with dell cards as many of them are not MXM even if they look like it.

And even if they are, they may be locked for dell laptops only.

So stay away from dell video cards...

You'd better look on ebay and get a 8600m GT or 9500m GS as they are plug & play.

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