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Hello all, i was connected here to download drivers to my new notebook, and some other places, and i downloaded it and nothin... I bought notebook ASmobile Z84Jp on ASUS case on INTEL VBI platform - can switch all thing inside :) and i havent drivers to graphic card, i need download it. When i sownload it, all when i unpack it and start installing give me window: "The NVIDIA steup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Steup will now exit." What to do? Sorry for bugs in my post, english is not my best side.. Thanks.

EDIT: Its 512 Mb version.

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You need to download and replace the modified INF file before you try to install the driver. This will make your computer think the driver is compatible with your computer. Don't worry its perfectly safe.

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Simple right next to the link where you downloaded the driver is another link that says modified INF. Download that too. The after you extract the driver program into a folder take the mofified INF file and place it in there. You should be prompted to overwrite the file. Say yes. Now run the setup.exe and your computer will install the new driver. Basically the modified INF file makes it so your computer thinks this driver is compatible with your computer. Don't worry it is.

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